Blaze Brooks is an artist and graphic designer from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Blaze began drawing at a very young age when his father would bring home “How to Draw” books and they would compare each others’ final products. Throughout elementary school, Blaze would spend his summers with artist mentors who would introduce him to a variety of techniques, famous works, and media. Brooks continued to draw through junior high and high school as a side passion, but took on graphic/web design as a full time passion and career. Once graduated, Blaze continued commercial design and eventually began to experiment more with his own physical art. Throughout 2015, Brooks would take his personal art to the next level by releasing custom apparel, taking on commissioned murals, and experimenting with a wide range of media and aesthetics. In February 2016, he decided to move to Brooklyn, New York in search of a new creative surrounding and inspiration. Today, Blaze is continuing his personal art and graphic design career out of Bushwick apartment.

Solo Shows:
Co.te.rie’s Artist of the Month – Downtown Las Vegas | April 2015

Art Affiliations:
Central Christian Church – Lead Designer | 2013-Present
T-Shirt Design – Great Harvest Bread Company | 2015
Mural – Solutions Recovery Center | 2015
Mural – Diva Studio Salon | 2015
Live Painting – First Friday Las Vegas | 2015
Mural – Green Valley High School | 2014

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